GB Hand Pulled Noodles Toronto

Image by Anita Kim

GB Hand Pulled Noodles – Made to perfection

GB Hand Pulled Noodles is a small Lanzhou-style restaurant tucked away behind the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

As its name suggests, the noodles, which forms the base of all the main dishes, are hand-pulled right in front of your eyes as you enter the restaurant. It is a unique and mesmerizing sight to see the noodle-maker stretch, twist then slap the dough on the counter until it is long enough to be cut into noodles.

You can order your noodles in soup (Lanzhou beef noodle soup) or as a “dry” dish (think more like noodles topped with sauce). No matter which way you go, you have the option of seven types of noodles from super thin (like angel hair pasta) to thick (like udon) or flat and narrow (like linguine) to flat and wide (like pappardelle). The noodles come out perfectly cooked – a little al dente with a nice chew.

The noodle soup is the favourite here, however I prefer the “dry” noodles with homemade pork sauce where the ground pork has a deep porky and salty flavor and is almost caramelized. Each table is set with chili oil and black vinegar so you can season your food as you wish.

Note that the room is very small and does get busy. There is often a wait but the turnover is quick. This is a great option for solo diners as they have a counter set up by the front window where you can slurp your noodles while people watching.

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Edward Street 66, Toronto

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Mon - Fri 10:30 - 21:30, Sat - Sun 11:30 - 21:30


Noodle soup: C$ 12.99


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