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As a photographer, I have to see the world just slightly different.. Toronto ’...

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As the Chicken Mayo, a delicious marriage of deep fried chicken Karaage, scrambled egg, dried seaweed and green onions served on top of a bed of white rice lands on your table, you will learn why this is Chef’s HwaNyoung Hur’s favourite dish on the menu. Spiced with their own signature teriyaki sauce, the flavors stand as a great launching pad to kick-off  your exploration of Chef’s skills behind the kitchen.

You can smell, see and taste each creation as an act of dedication coming from a man who respects the craft of gastronomy. Aesthetics were also not forgotten either, with each dish’s careful presentation certainly betraying the small dent each will make on your wallet.           

“Food is his love language,” Hana Hur said of her husband, “that is how he shows his love.” Even if she leans towards the One Fire, a broil-grilled pork marinated in Gochujang paste as her favourite dish. Yet, both agree that Gommi Gommi (pretty bear), a sweet rice cake sharing their young son’s nickname, is the perfect dessert to compliment your visit to this low key, yet unique little spot nested just west of Bathurst and Bloor.

Their One Table event gives a hungry party the opportunity to book the entire venue, with Chef Hur creating dishes based on patron’s stories and preferences, for only $10 per dish!     

“Whenever I cooked, my friends always said, ‘Open a restaurant!’” Hur added. After tasting his food, I will admit, I am glad he did.

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Mauricio from Toronto

Mauricio Alas photo

As a photographer, I have to see the world just slightly different.. Toronto ’...

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Bloor Street West 599, Toronto

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11:00 - 22:00 daily


Per dish <: C$ 29.99


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