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Mauricio from Toronto

As a photographer, I have to see the world just slightly different.. Toronto ’...

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Three tequila, floor! 

Thanks to Hollywood, Tequila as a liquor has often gotten a very bad rap. Generally represented as the drink of choice of lowlifes in dirty bars, speaking in awful Mexican accents, or the drink craved by university students for the upcoming big party or for those crazy weekends in Las Vegas. Such stereotypes could not be further from the truth and this is what Reposado is trying to change.

While it’s true cheap tequila can be well, awful on the palate, finer specimens, like an Extra Añejo, aged say, 8 years can be sweet and fruitier-tasting, akin to cognac in complexity. Truthfully, to gulp it with salt and lime would only but rob you of a very delicious experience. 

Reposado with its intimate decor is a perfect place to unveil a bit of the not-so-secret world of this fine liquor. Personally, I enjoy the brick and intimate decor although during the Summer, their small but very quaintly lit patio would be my first choice. The menu is mostly tapas and although filling, the main star of the show is as always, the tequilas.  

Expect live or DJ music every night, mostly Jazzy in nature which really enhances the overall experience, so come with friends! 

Word to the wise, you can try tasters of four types of tequila for about $30. Also with a menagerie of about 120 Tequilas and Mezcals in stock from all over the price spectrum, you will have plenty of choice, so your wallet is the limit.

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Mauricio from Toronto

Mauricio Alas photo

As a photographer, I have to see the world just slightly different.. Toronto ’...

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136 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

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Mon - Wed 18:00 - 02:00, Thu - Sun 17:00 - 02:00


Starter shot: C$ 16


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