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Jeffrey from Toronto

Cyclist in the morning. Ad guy by the afternoon. Life is good. So is ice cream.

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In Toronto’s East End, there is one building with two doors, side by side. This morning, I choose the Espresso Bar entrance.

Consider this, “The Yang.”

Consistent with the Yin and Yang principle in Chinese philosophy, this coffee shop has a brightness that comes from a garage door window that opens up onto its Danforth patio (in warmer months).

It also exudes positivity, projected from the friendly baristas and the gallery of icons adorning the walls. Beside me is a portrait of a slightly greying Fidel Castro, while behind me the Mona Lisa smiles enigmatically. It feels like Fidel and Lisa represent the contradictory opposites of old and young, female and male, which characterize the Yin and Yang of this third-century religious concept.

Everything else in the shop is a random mix of old photography and fine art prints. Of course, the furniture is mismatched. Even the mugs come in many varieties. Along one wall is a church pew, and atop the bar hangs a disco ball. The mix of patrons chatting, reading and working on laptops covers the spectrum. The soundtrack today features show tunes. If you don’t call all that “eclectic,” then what is?

Truly, this is The One place one on “The Danny” worth a visit for your caffeine hit.

What’s Spot On:
• In addition to various specialty coffees and teas, you can feed your yen to munch, with pastries, cookies and sandwiches.
• Offers quick access to Greenwood Subway Station through a large second patio at back.

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Jeffrey from Toronto

Jeffrey Wood photo

Cyclist in the morning. Ad guy by the afternoon. Life is good. So is ice cream.

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Danforth Avenue 966, Toronto

Telephone number


Opening Times

07:00 - 21:00 daily


Drip coffee: C$ 1.67


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)