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Tatiana Bazzi (1988)

About me
I am a hyperactive urban human being. Besides working as an event, sponsorship and fundraising professional, I fill my days with sports, volunteering, fansubbing and side jobs. Friends often ask me if I ever sleep, but the truth is that I am just efficient at planning and matching my schedule!

My bike is an everyday companion I ride everywhere in Turin but I also play table tennis and attend cycling classes at the gym.

When it comes to travelling, I am a tireless backpacker, a random walker and an intrepid food taster.

I do take any chance I am given to explore the world but I also like to travel when I am at home and this is why I host travellers on my couch since 2016.

Why Turin
I was born and raised in Turin, in Barriera di Milano neighborhood to be more specific, where I still live today. Barriera is a melting pot area where a powerful mix of cultures, habits, and food traditions coexist, thanks to the migration waves that came one after the other.

Turin has something magical; it is a city of pioneers and inventors where understatement is a way of life and no-one makes a fuss out of almost anything. I love believing that my attitude towards life really resembles the city’s vibe and the environment where I grew up.

Even though I am constantly willing to travel and explore new cultures and places in the world, there is always a tiny part of me that wants to go back home. I am so deeply in love with Turin that sometimes I miss the city more than I miss my family and friends!

I really enjoy exploring Turin myself, with others, and especially with travellers, because it gives me the chance to appreciate once again its beauty through their non-local eyes.

Where else can you find me online?

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