Aurelio Peccei Park Turin

Image by Tatiana Bazzi

Aurelio Peccei Park – From factories to life

Between the historical suburban neighborhoods of Barriera di Milano and Borgo Vittoria, in what used to be a no-go area, there is now Aurelio Peccei Park.

When I was a kid it was impossible to enjoy this part of town because of the railway line cutting through the area and the presence of a series of disused industrial buildings of the Fiat Iveco company.

Today trains run underground and the factories are just a memory kept alive by a few elements of industrial archaeology that have been preserved by the restoration project. The park is colorful and alive and hosts ten modern art pieces that celebrate the industrial history of the site.

Being partially isolated and far from high-traffic roads, the park is really enjoyable and quiet. In spring and summer, it is one of my favourite spots to take a detour and decompress after a stressful working day or when I want to spend sometime reading outdoor.

What I love about Aurelio Peccei Park in particular is the dual vibe you can feel there: during the day there are children playing all around together with their parents as well as elders chatting in small groups while sitting on the benches. Then, during the night, the park becomes a gathering point for youngsters and different ethnic groups that live in the surrounding areas.

FYI: Aurelio Peccei was an Italian businessman, a manager at FIAT for many years who also took part in the Italian Resistance during World War II.

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Piazza Ghirlandaio, Turin

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