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Cecilia Staiano (1994)

About me
I am Neapolitan by birth and by heart, but a piece of my heart is now dedicated to Venice. I moved here to study a master’s degree in tourism, and when I finished my studies last autumn, I decided to stay here and work in the Venetian Tourism space. Of course I am homesick, The Veneto region is so different from the region I come from. North Italy, for those coming from the South, represents the cold, the fog, no sun ,no real pizza, no golden beach with crystal clear water. In these years I have learned to fight against these stereotypes.

Why Venice
While rushing to take a selfie on Rialto Bridge or paying extortionate prices for a gondola ride, you are experiencing a tiny sliver of what the city has to offer, because there is an absence of real Venetian life in this standard package holiday.

I want to share with you my favourite hidden spot and alternative things to do in Venice, so you can experience the living city behind the crowded attractions.

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