Santo Bevitore Venice

Image by Cecilia Staiano

Santo Bevitore – Craft beers

Huge selection of Beers! Il Santo Bevitore is the perfect bar, whether I’m aching for a ice-cold beer or I’m out with some friends and want a good gin — this spot has an excellent selection of both.

A TV showing sports almost all the time makes my man very happy. But the ambience is always comfortable and warm, thanks to the good selection of jazz music. 

The first time I went there, I made the mistake to ask for a spritz, and my friend asked for wine: no, they serve only beers and cocktails, and I love this kind of restrictions, because IMHO this means this spot can have very niche products!

There are a lot of Italian craft beers on tap and like 50 different types of beers from every country and strength possible. Same thing for the excellent gin selection and a dozen or so of the best scotches. These are not so cheap (7 euro) but it’s really worth it for the quality and the special recipes. I have never tried any, but the counter is also filled with snack foods too.

The staff is very young and helpful, above all when I cannot make up my mind about which beer to try and all are worth trying. For me the winners are Chimay and La Chouffe — you won’t be disappointed! And… when your beer is ready, you’ll hear a bell call you!

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Details about this spot



Fondamenta Diedo, Venice

Opening Times

16:00 - 02:00 daily


Beer: € 4


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