Corniciao Massimo Busetto Venice

Image by Stacy Gibboni

Corniciao Massimo Busetto – Venetian personaggio

Once upon a time each sestiere / district in this surrealistic city had its own practical services available. The baker, seamstress, cobbler, doctor, carpenter etc…at least one per neighborhood. In the past decade these valuable individuals have vanished. They were pushed out by temporary tourist needs and dwindling resident numbers.

Fortunately, artist and framer Massimo Busetto remains. The name Massimo means “the greatest”. In fact, this man is the greatest framemaker in Venice! A true artist and Venetian personality Busetto stands tall with shaggy grey hair and poetic prose philosophically leaking from his lips. Massimo fashions frames, paints, writes and plays music. 

A diamond in the rough, this little bottega / shop sits at the foot of a bridge on a picture perfect corner of the city. Literally, picture perfect and framed up by Massimo’s energetic paintings and drawings. 

While our city is filled with trashy trinkets and plastic souvenirs, a true gift to give is handcrafted. If not by you personally, than why not an actual artist’s work!

Fitting to an artist stereotype, Massimo has no posted hours of operation. Often he is always there, other times, not so much. The window display is a constant.

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Santa Croce 637/B, Venice

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Random (storefront always visible)


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