La Beppa Venice

Image by Stacy Gibboni

La Beppa – One stop shop spot!

La Beppa is my one stop shop spot! A third generation family owned and operated ferramenta (hardware store). Here you will find children’s toys, toilet paper, hammers, paint brushes, pillows, shampoo, potting soil, glue, indoor/outdoor carpet, oil paint, slippers and sketchbooks. Just to list a few potential practical purchases for you!

Located deep within the labyrinth of the city, near San Francesco della Vigna. This store is for the curious and the in need of a screwdriver and a tube of toothpaste.

Whenever I enter the sestieri (neighborhood) of Castello I imagine what it must have been like during the times of plague. La Beppa is nestled in this neighborhood’s narrow passageways. A silence or strictly dialect part of town.

Embrace getting lost and landing at this entrance. Practice your Italian! Spend time browsing. There are three entrances to this business. One door opens to essential hardware, tools, big stuff. One door leads to toys and crafts. One other door is home base. Toiletries, housewares and in the back, my area…fine art supplies.

Full disclosure: Along this stretch of truly local businesses there are a few clubs; Communist, Democratic, and otherwise… they are private.

If you find yourself parched after the adventure of finding La Beppa enjoy a beverage, espresso or an ombra (glass of wine) at the public bar on the corner of the street. You will be able to tell the difference!

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Castello, 3199, Venice

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Mon - Sat 07:30 - 19:30
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