Santa Maria dei Miracoli Venice

Image by Cecilia Staiano

Santa Maria dei Miracoli – Church of marble

If you want to add a precious gem in your day plan in Venice, I suggest you visit Santa Maria Dei Miracoli Church (Holy Mary of the Miracles). Even if am not a devotee, this small church fascinated me for its architecture and because it always reminds me of a treasure chest. It is an authentic treasure of Venice from a historical-artistic point of view, but also from a sentimental point of view for Venetians.

Built in the 15th century, it has remained practically untouched, unlike all the other churches in the city. The architecture is extraordinary, with both interior and facades sculpted and redressed with multi-colored marble. Three sides are visible from the streets, whereas one side directly overlooks a little canal crossed by gondole. 

This small gem is hidden in Castello Area, the most authentic district of Venice. Once you have visited the church and admired the details carved into the marble, I suggest you stroll along the narrow streets and dive in all the off-the-beaten paths. There you will see clothes hanging out to dry, butchers and greengrocers. I suggest you reach the large field of San Giovanni e Paolo, to admire the majestic basilica and the wonderful entrance of the hospital with the same name.

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Campiello dei Miracoli, Venice

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