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Image by Piero Fabbri

Scuola Grafica – Meet artists

Marco Polo, movable type, the Gutenberg press, ink, paper…printed matter.

I am passionate about printed matter. I fear its death. Places like Scuola Internazionale di Grafica give me hope.

Printing and publishing are an integral part of the history of Venice. Being located in a geographic position that made trade central to the wealth and success of the Republic. Trade not only of merchandise, but of ideas. Venice is one of the first places in Europe to make paper and to publish books.

The school opened in 1969. Courses in book making, screen printing, engraving and calligraphy are offered year round. An intimate artist in residence program was developed twenty years ago as a refuge in the lagoon for artist to create their work.

Exhibitions are installed in the SGgallery and parties are hosted to introduce artists and their works to the community. 

I find the school a peaceful, inspiring place. Located in a long, narrow, quiet space on the rio of San Marcuola. On any given day you will find a variety of languages spoken here. 

Visiting Venice can be more than a day trip to San Marco. The city offers places like this school where you can come to evolve and create.

Find your way here, they have a small shop that sells limited edition prints and books by the artists who have passed through these walls.

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