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About me
I am a born and raised Californian who wandered to Europe initially to Ireland for college and then again for a job in 2008 and stuck around, first in Switzerland and now in Austria.

I love language, travel, and culture and spending time with people from as many different places as possible.

Travel to me is more than a feet-only wading pool, but something to dive as deeply into as time and resources allow. Perhaps that is why I end up staying longer in the places I go to.

Why Vienna?
Vienna is an absolute amazing place to live, almost even more so than to visit. The sheer pleasantness of the city and day-to-day life is a pleasure.

Everything from the cafes to the countless parks, to even enjoying how well the public transportation works, I recommend any visitor to at least spend a day or so trying to emulate the locals. Vienna’s value truly shines when you take it in as a local.

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