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Born and raised Californian - Vienna is an absolute amazing place to live!

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The WUK (Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus) in the 9th district is a stellar locale for all bohemian types looking not only for a place to grab a beer, but to find an entire community center full of open-minded, creative & warm people. Situated only two tram stops from Schottentor (in the direction of the 18th and 19th districts), the WUK is a unique cross between gastropub, beer garden, cultural center, and music venue.

The WUK enjoys a long colorful history, starting as a locomotive factory in the 1800s, before passing to an industrial technology museum, arena, and finally a cultural center. Built entirely with red brick and covered in ivy, the inner courtyard could hold its own against any chic corner of Manchester or Brooklyn.

The Stattbeisl is the WUK’s primary watering hole, situated in an old hall in the fabrik wall just as you enter. The hall is spacious, plenty of seating (though this fills quickly on the weekend), and has a relaxed atmosphere. The selection of beers is excellent, with a long list of craft beers from across the world. The innenhof is still open for the moment, (at least until the weather gets too bad ), so there is still time to take advantage!

While just outside the normal tourist track circuit, the WUK makes for an important destination for those looking to see the community workings of Vienna and it’s eclectic folk.

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Christopher from Vienna

Christopher Taylor photo

Born and raised Californian - Vienna is an absolute amazing place to live!

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Währinger Straße 59, Vienna

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Mon - Fri 14:30 - 02:00, Sat 17:00 - 02:00, Sun 17:00 - 00:00


Draft beer: € 4


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