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Sabrina Grohsebner (1991)

About me
With my first long-term abroad experience in Athens, along with which came island-hopping, first night-train trips, rooftop partying and learning how to get a handle on everyday life in a foreign city, the world opened up for me. Internationally rooted life got me hooked and I’ve kept exploring and sharing adventures in good company from all over ever since. It was also at the time when – bam! – I got to know Spotted by Locals and decided to contribute to the project.

You could say I live a dual-streamed life, tinted by a love for both nature and culture. Having been a student of Hispanic philology and agronomy, working both in a humanities library and for an organic farmer, I chose life in Vienna to fit these interests and therefore be situated in the golden middle ground between lush suburban forests and the cultural sparks of the center. You might find a display of these two heartbeats of mine when browsing through my articles, too.

Why Vienna?
I wouldn’t dare call myself anything less than blessed for having Vienna as my hometown, a place I’ll always fancy coming back to and I’ll never get tired of. I’ll never stop being flabbergasted by the – fair enough, somewhat grumpy – charms of the Viennese and the sometimes sombre but heartwarming quirks of local mentality. This city, as well as its people, has so many faces and I can’t help but love all of them.

Where else can you find me online?

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