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Sabrina Grohsebner (1991)

About me
I’m studying Spanish and French culture. Since doing my abroad experience I never got away from learning languages and travelling.

After finishing school I felt the wish to gain some abroad experiences, so I decided to do a voluntary service in Athens, Greece. So, for almost one year, I volunteered in a creative centre for mentally challenged people and lived in an apartment together with people from all over Europe. I guess that’s when I started to become drawn into the amazing world of intercultural exchange. Travelling through Greece and, after coming back, whole Europe I collected some memories, impressions and encounters that are priceless to me. As some of my friends from all over were visiting me in Vienna I also had the possibility to show people around in my city, introducing them to the way I see and live in it.

So there’s both, on the one hand the wish to explore and get to know new countries, cultures and ideas and on the other hand, and that’s more and more an important part for me, to share. That’s how I got to participate in the project.

Why Vienna?
It’s one of the few places that manage to surprise me again and again with its so classical and though colourful core and its green green surroundings. Getting to know this town is never done, I think that’s the best part about this city. Sometimes it happens that I’m just wandering along these lovable nooks and crannies, having some time to kill between two lectures, taking a so far untried turn and –Ka-Boom! – I’m getting dazzled by a stunning spot that was hiding from me for the last 20 years.

This city does have so many faces, and I can’t help but love all of them. Being in one district sometimes even feels like being in another town, so there’s never the sensation of having enough of this place.

Culture, nature and a varied and bright city life. What more is there to wish for?

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