Donaustadtbrücke Vienna

Image by Sabrina Grohsebner

Donaustadtbrücke – Fluvial vim

For more than 3 years I was lucky enough to pass by this beautiful nature spot every morning on my way to university. Some decent views to start my day with! As the name of the spot gives away, the place offers a glance at ‘the other side’ of Vienna, which some city-centre purists referred to by ‘Mordor’, or as some like to call it: Transdanubia.

This spot offers one good angle to approach Vienna’s Donauinsel, one massive green stripe between the Danube river and it’s bigger side channel Neue Donau, ready to be explored all year round. Although in the hotter seasons there are a lot of things going on here, this place always keeps its natural cosiness. There are barbecue spots that you can rent, bikelanes, and right next to the bridge there’s even a wakeboard lift, which makes gazing at the hustle and bustle on the river all the more entertaining.

This place even offers some charms on rougher days on which you might see wild waves on one side of the bridge crossing the channel facing a calm and carefree surface on the other side. An amazing thing to see. No matter if it’s for an afternoon stroll or a Sunday run, getting off the subway here will always be a good idea.

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Donaustadtbrücke, Vienna

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24 hours daily


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