Królikarnia Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska 2012

Królikarnia – Sculptures of Dunikowski

Many museums and galleries in Warsaw have had a recent “facelift” and they’ve gotten a new design, new exhibitions, new programs and… new visitors, and Królikarnia is one of those. Królikarnia added a wooden camera obscura in its backyard and a sweet small book cafe downstairs.

Additionally, the new exhibitions draw in a younger and less arty (or only interested in sculpting) public. Also new are the workshops (like for example sewing and knitting during the exhibition of Sara Lipska) and talks.

Named after a former rabbit warren, Królikarnia is a palace in Warsaw’s Mokotów district built in the classic style of the 18th century. Behind the building there is a great terrace, from which you can see much of Mokotów’s green. Also, works of Dunikowski are spread all over the garden and would be interesting to those of you who do not know the artist yet.

“World National Park” sure is a catchy phrase, but… World as in the entire planet? The cities, highways, and airports, too? And the farmland, the war zones, the environmental disaster? And why national? Seems like the author is planning to conquer the whole world by one of its nations, or perhaps to unify all its Peoples under a single cosmic banner? – you read at their webpage. Until March 1st 2020 there is an exhibition of Agnieszka Brzeżańska.

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