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Nitzan from Warsaw

Yup, I definitely love to eat! Warsaw doesn’t give up and just won’t quit! I...

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As the Ministry of Coffee puts it: “We take the words ‘coffee’ and ‘quality’ very seriously”. I think that pretty much tells you all you really should know about Ministertwo Kawy, but still, I’ll tell you more!

Ministerstwo is just a few steps away from Plac Zbawiciela, so it is centrally located, but not exactly on the main drag. Which is nice, because it’s good to get away from all the hustle and bustle once in a while. That is also why it is a great place to come sit and work with your laptop while sipping… well, coffee of course.

They take pride in their coffee. The art of coffee in Warsaw is still developing and more and more coffee connoisseurs are appearing. Ministerstwo Kawy is bringing the art of aeropress and drip coffees to a whole new level. They specialize in espresso based coffees and their special coffee is made of three different Arabicas to make the perfect blends. Some of Warsaw’s best baristas work at Ministerstwo, which is a guarantee of the perfect cup of coffee. Just keep in mind that asking for syrup and sugar in your coffee may be a faux pas (only half kidding!).

Clean, simple, light and airy. Warm-colored wood, white walls, large windows and black accents make the café a pleasant place to spend time.

You can also get something to eat: sandwiches, quiches and cakes are available and very good.

Serious about coffee? Make an appointment at the Ministry of Coffee!

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Nitzan from Warsaw

Nitzan Reisner photo

Yup, I definitely love to eat! Warsaw doesn’t give up and just won’t quit! I...

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Marszałkowska 27/35, Warsaw

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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 22:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 22:00


Drip coffee: PLN 10


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