Neon Muzeum Warsaw

Image by Piotr Czubaszek

Neon Muzeum – Not a typical museum

Warsaw Neon Museum is a very original museum focused on neon signs. Right at the entrance the history of neon signs is presented from its start at the beginning of twentieth century right up to modern times. 

The main exhibition consists of various neon signs. All of them are originals that used to be hanging above shop displays or decorating streets of mostly Warsaw, but also some other Polish cities. They were usually given to the museum when the business they belonged to ceased to exist or when they were being replaced by a modern replica in the case of some of the most famous ones. Each of them is accompanied by a card explaining its history and original context. All of them together form one of the largest neon sign collections in the world.

I personally find a visit to this museum a sentimental experience as I still remember some of these signs hanging in the streets of Warsaw e.g. Cepelia or BERLIN. Others are iconic to any Pole as they represent brands popular in the communist era e.g. społem.

The museum is located in the Soho Factory complex so plan some more time when you go there to be able to enjoy food at one of the restaurants or shopping at one of design shops there.

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Details about this spot



Mińska 25, Warsaw

Opening Times

Wed - Sun 12:00 - 17:00


Entrance: PLN 10


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