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About me:
The tale is in the telling. I am a storyteller, an excavator, a messenger, and for many years a journalist, with a portofolio that includes words crafted for magazines, books, online, television, newspapers, corporations and podcasts. I think everyone has a story, and everything. The person who made your coffee this morning (especially if that was you), and who picked the beans, the pedigree of the beans themselves, not to mention the arduous process of crop to cup. I do, however, prefer “inquisitive” to “nosy”. An expat kid raised in the UK & Greece, I’ve also lived in Vienna, Tokyo, New York, Middleburg, Virginia, & Singapore. Today, Washington, DC. And my hero? Roald Dahl.

Why Washington DC
DC has gravitas. Spirit. Think about it: this city’s founders believed enough in their fledgling democratic experiment to imagine this place with some of history’s most enduring city planners. And they were right about a lot of things, not the least of which is the soaring feeling of possibility in the architecture, cultural history and landscape here.

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