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Regina Janzen (1990)

About me
I am a professional dancer and choreographer with a passion for writing and art. After graduating the dance academy in the Netherlands in 2015, I went for a year to Lisbon before I moved to Antwerp. I started to study Scenography and became a writer for The Young Ones, associated with deSingel. Now I am looking forward to getting to know the artistic scene in Antwerp and working more in dance, choreography and writing.

Why Antwerp
I decided to become an Antwerp Spotter because I wanted to challenge myself and get to know the city and all its little hidden places. I want to engage with the city. I love discovering new places and would like to share them with people who might be interested in them or are looking for places they haven’t seen yet. For people who want to come to visit or just recently moved here, it is very nice to be exposed to the variety of places, in order for them to feel more welcome in Antwerp and make their stay more pleasant. It’s a great way to get to know the city through the eyes of a local person.

Where else can you find me online?

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