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Javier Muñoz (1978)

About me
I’m Javier, father of Noa, long-distance runner and rock climber when I have the time. I’m an avid reader and love everything related with culture, people and stories.

A night per week I have a Skype meeting with my best friends in Spain and we record a crazy podcast. And people like it :-).

I just realised I forgot some basics and –at the same time– non-interesting details like “I was born in Cordoba, Spain and I studied Psychology at university”.

Done :-).

Why Athens
I have been living in Athens since 2013 and I remember I fell in love with the city the second day I was walking around here. I can barely explain it (all my Greek friends say I may be insane, changing Spain for Greece) but the fact is that in Athens I feel like I’m in my hometown.

It has nothing to be with the kindness of the people I have met or with the weather and the food. It has absolutely nothing to do with the cultural atmosphere you can feel in the city. Or maybe yes, it’s a mix of all those details.

The fact is that I leave Athens for a week every month and when I come back I always say the same: “Ah! Home!” And I guess this is the only thing that matters.

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