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Gina Xifra

About me
Hi! I’m Gina! Even though I am from Girona, a small city close to Barcelona, I have lived in the Catalan capital for some years now.

Before that, I did a degree in Communication and a Master’s in Tourism Management around different cities in Europe. Living abroad for a while made me appreciate tips from locals to get to know the destination in a way that doesn’t appear on travel guides.

I work in higher education with international students and I combine this with my passions that include food, photography and traveling.

Why Barcelona
It’s true that Barcelona can be a tourist trap, but if you try to go beyond Ramblas, Barceloneta or Sagrada Familia you will be able to live a whole different experience. Gastronomy from all over the world, food markets, art openings, museums and galleries, artisan shops, concerts and music festivals… Barcelona is a cultural hub like no other.

Working with international students at the University makes me realize every day how lucky I am to live in Barcelona. I find that the Catalan capital is a city that welcomes everyone no matter where you come from, which makes it a cosmopolitan place where you’ll find anything you’re looking for.

Where else can you find me online?

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