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Tatjana Avramović

About me
I am an ecologist interested in our natural and social surroundings and how they interact. Besides that, as a real ecologist, I am also a passionate cyclist who loves to observe the environment, the one I live in, and the one I am getting to know from my bike. When it comes to my favourite spots, in Belgrade, where I live, but also in new cities that I visit, I am mostly drawn to green spaces, aka parks, interesting bars, and mostly vegetarian/vegan food, so that kind of recommendations is also what you can find on my profile.

Why Belgrade?
Belgrade is an ever-changing place. It is a mixture of everything, and like that, it can be interesting and exciting but also confusing. It is hard to describe easily, but it should be discovered. I believe it has something to offer everybody, from the nightlife, which is most famous, to interesting architecture and street art, to green spaces, islands, and two rivers. Should I count more? Every day brings something new to this city.

Where can you find me online?

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