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Josephine Gauss (1993)

About me
Hi! I’m Josephine, a Berlin local since 2008. I grew up in Munich, in the south of Germany, and moved here as a teen. This means I had to learn all my local knowledge from scratch and be it on foot or by bike, to this day I have never lost the drive to explore Berlin!

A foodie through and through, finding and testing new, engaging places that serve or produce good food is what I enjoy most. Since I work in Tech, you can bet I have some sort of kanban board to keep track of my discoveries.

Why Berlin?
I love Berlin because every single district, or even smaller neighborhoods, has its own unique, special character. Appearance and architecture, but also the types of people, shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars play a role here. The variety is staggering and the sheer size of Berlin guarantees you never truly finish exploring this city!

Where else can you find me online?

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