Klangbrücke Lorraine Bern

Image by Katrin Hiss

Klangbrücke Lorraine – An auditory experience

Whenever I cross the Klangbrücke with friends from out of town, I don’t tell them beforehand what they are about to experience – just to see their surprised and astonished face when they hear the soothing sound of the Klangbrücke.

Designed by the American musician and sound artist Max Neuhaus, the Klangbrücke connects two areas of a school campus. Meditative sounds have escorted passers-by every step since the late ’90s. During the recess of the nearby school, it might be a bit too noisy to fully enjoy the sounds; in that case, just wait a couple of minutes in the adjacent small Lorraine-Park which by itself is worth a visit.

For a long time, I thought the steel construction’s sound comes from air passing through the suspensions, grids and railings. Unfortunately, the source of the complex tonal sounds is slightly less exciting. It’s simple loudspeakers that play the chimes. They’re switched off during nighttime so make sure you cross the Klangbrücke before 10 pm.

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Lorrainestrasse , Bern

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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