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Katrin Hiss (1987)

About me
Radio journalist (mostly international politics), as well as host for music shows and city tour guide, always with one foot out the door, heading to new adventures between Berlin, Greece and Hong Kong.

Love hiking the mountains with Good Booi aka cutest dog alive, Anton. Against borders and cages. Pro dancing and pub quiz.

Why Bern
Bern is small, it has less than 150,000 inhabitants but it seems like a good part of those people thrive on organizing projects to improve the quality of life in this city. For its size, there are SO MANY different places to discover: from illegal makeshift hidden bars to places in the old town that have been hosting get-togethers for centuries.

The river is legitimately the best place to swim in the whole world. Luckily, I work right next to it, so in summer there won’t be a single day I don’t take a dip.

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