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Image by Sebastian Meier

Voodoo Rhythm Hardware Store – Punk’s Not Dead

If you go down these stairs, you’ll be entering the underground cathedral of Reverend Beat-Man, a leading figure in the town’s punk rock scene for the last four decades. Beat-Man is still performing garage blues trash exorcisms as a one man band, spreading the word with Sister Izobel Garcia and celebrating very unholy moshpit masses with the legendary “Monsters” in clubs all over the world – but the Reverend always returns to this tiny little underground store to sell records from his very own “Voodoo Rhythm” label to music lovers of all kind.

I love browsing through the vinyls to find out what Kinds of Music I have missed so far. Some of my more recent favourites are the Zydeco Group Mama Rosin, the Monsters Album “Pop Up Yours”. And when I am overwhelmed by the vast amount of rarities and pearls in the store – it’s never wrong to buy one of the label samplers called “Records To Ruin Any Party”. You will not be disappointed.

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Münstergasse 76, Bern

Opening Times

Thu - Fri 12:00 - 18:30, Sat 12:00 - 17:00


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