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About me
I was born and raised in Belgium. At the age of 19, I moved to Brussels for my studies and absolutely fell in love with the city. I love Brussels both for its famous and touristic sites and its hidden gems. I really like to just leave my door and look for new places I haven’t found or visited yet.

Other than that, I really love travelling and enjoying each moment to the fullest, whether it’s in Belgium or on the other side of the world. My passion for travel also translates into my studies in Tourism and Leisure Management. I love to go off the beaten touristic track and that’s also what I really like about Spotted by Locals!

Why Brussels?
What I like the most about Brussels is that (to me) it feels like a city with endless possibilities – nothing is too crazy! Other than that, I really enjoy living in a city that is such a mix of different cultures and backgrounds. These two qualities are very important to me and make it very easy to feel at home in a city.

I’m really passionate about my city and love to write about it. Finding hidden gems when you least expect it is such a great experience and sharing these with a community like Spotted by Locals is just wonderful to me. This way I want to add extra value to your visit to Brussels and I want you to see more than just the tourist highlights because the city has so much more to offer!

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