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William Mertens

About me
I am William, born in Bruges in 1987, raised in Ghent and now I’ve been living in Brussels for 10 years.

I work for a hospitality company with venues all over Belgium as a field manager and am responsible for the client experience in our venues.

My 2 biggest passions are football and music. During my free time, you’ll find me either in a football stadium or at a concert.

I love city trips, and my favorite city (after Brussels) is London.

Why Brussels
Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Europe. It has this vibe that you can’t describe if you haven’t lived here. I think Brussels offers the best of the 4 major cities around us (London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin) in one.

It’s a vibrant city, where nobody takes him or herself too seriously. It can sometimes be a little chaotic and feel like nothing is under control, but I think that’s how a big city should be. I like it a lot when you’re surrounded by crazy creative and fun people who decide to take life as it comes and enjoy it that way.

Where else can you find me online?

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