Čierny Pes Bratislava

Image by Pavel Šoral

Čierny Pes – Beer time in the center

Sometimes, the walk across the streets of Bratislava’s Old Town calls for a glass of fresh beer in the end. In such a case, look no further: Čierny Pes (Black Dog) is at hand. Despite its location in the center of Bratislava, Čierny Pes is an excellent place to have a good draft beer for a reasonable price. In addition, having small snacks that go well with the beer on the menu, Čierny Pes is an absolute go-to for me. Moreover, its location on one of the most ancient-looking streets in Bratislava gives this place a unique character. To sum it up, beer, snacks and a historical ambience – that’s exactly what Čierny Pes stands for.

But it’s not just Na Vŕšku street, where Čierny Pes is located, that looks like it’s come from ages past. Even the interior adheres to the looks of an old-time tavern. Being rather sombre and vaulted on the inside, furnished in a visibly old-fashioned way, this place has a nice antique look, and together with its location as a whole, you feel like you’ve time-traveled.

Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like this tavern-like pub that serves great beer with comfort snacks to go with it so much. Čierny Pes has absolutely nothing to do with those tourist traps scattered around the city center. Finally, in spite of its sort of cold, ancient looks, Čierny Pes pub is warmly welcoming like few others.

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