Cyklomost Slobody Bratislava

Image by Lenka Encingerova

Cyklomost Slobody – Border hopping in Devinska

As a resident of Devinska Nova Ves, a peculiar suburb of Bratislava located next to the border of Austria, I have always been strangely captivated by borders between countries, and I especially enjoy the freedom of crossing them freely.

In the recent years, Devinska has become known for its elegant Freedom Cycle Bridge (Cyklomost slobody) which extends high over the river Morava and leads to the open, serene Austrian fields and the Schlosshof Castle. When it was opened, it instantly became a huge success and a crucial link of international cycle routes.

The bridge leads through the canopy of trees. Once on top, you can have fun jumping from one country to another across the thin line painted on the green tarmac. Admire the view of the river or enjoy the long downhill ride into either of the two countries (after a short, but steep climb, of course).

Slovaks, Austrians and tourists casually mix on this promenade. Have your hand ready on the bike bell! If you’re on your bike and coming from the city, consider making it a day long round trip back to Bratislava through the historical town of Hainburg on the Austrian side or the exquisite Schloss Hof castle just a short walk from the bridge. I especially recommend  Sandberg (check the Sandberg article), another fascinating spot in Devinska with unique cliffs of sand and a spectacular view, which is just a stone’s throw away.

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