Dungeon Pub Bratislava

Image by Pavel Šoral

Dungeon Pub – Geeks’ best hideout

Any rockers, metalheads, larpers, cosplayers or nerds in general out there? If so, Dungeon Pub is tailor-cut for you! It offers a nice selection of drinks and board games to enjoy with your friends over a glass of fresh draft beer, hidden in Bratislava’s city centre. What’s more, the ideal location on Štefániková street, not far from the presidential palace, grants Dungeon Pub perfect accessibility, regardless of where you are in the city.

Dungeon Pub might be one of my favourite places in Bratislava to release some steam after a long week. Offering a dim though welcoming atmosphere of a genuine city pub, having fun outweighs the burden of daily duties in this dungeon. Mixed drinks, simple shots, beer or soft drinks? Whatever you want to finish the heat of the day with – and much more. Not only does Dungeon Pub brim over with an assortment of drinks to choose from, it’s all about having fun with a group of people playing cards or board games while feeling as effortless as it gets. Also, every once in a while, events of various kinds are held there.

All in all, feeding on connecting people of similar interests while staying true to the genuine pub-like atmosphere, Dungeon Pub is far from those “posh” places to hang out. Certainly not classy, but neat and relaxed? Absolutely! Enjoy, and cheers!

Anyway, is it Friday evening already? There’s a chance I’m going to be there.

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Štefániková 14, Bratislava

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Wed - Thu 16:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 16:00 - 02:00

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