Hrad Devín Bratislava

Image by Lenka Encingerova

Hrad Devín – The mythical ruin

If you are staying in Bratislava for more than a day (which you obviously should), hrad Devín or Devín Castle is the ideal trip from the city centre. This ruin atop a massive rock has always been an important place in Slovak history. Strategically located at the confluence of the river Morava and the Danube, it overlooks the Austrian chequered fields of the Marchfeld plain.

Every part of the castle’s vast grounds offers a different view of the surroundings. The central area gives you an almost 360° view – with the rivers Morava and Danube on one side and the Devínska Kobyla hill with Devín village tucked below it. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb up the highest terrace. This part recently reopened after 9 years of closure due to repairs.

Devín also has a little promenade right below the ominous looking castle rock and there are plenty of pubs around. I absolutely recommend you try the local speciality – red currant wine or ríbezľové víno.

You can reach the castle by car or the bus no 29 from the SNP Bridge. A great way to reach Devín during the high season (starting towards end of April) is by a boat ride from the centre of Bratislava. Check their timetable here. I can’t recommend enough the forest walk from Devín to Sandberg (check the Sandberg article) located above the neighboring Devínska Nová Ves.

During the winter season, the castle grounds are open but not the exhibition areas. Last entry in castle 30 minutes before closing.

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Muránska, Bratislava

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Mon 10:00 - Sun 10:00 - 19:00, last entry at 18:30


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