Mikulášsky cintorín Bratislava

Image by Lenka Encingerová

Mikulášsky cintorín – Enjoy the silence

This must be the cutest cemetery in Bratislava, I dare say. Mikulášsky cintorín takes you to a different time, the most recent graves are at least 100 years old. Back in those days, Bratislava was practically a trilingual city, speaking Slovak, German and Hungarian. You can actually notice it just by looking at the moss-covered gravestones with the multilingual inscriptions.

Although it’s quite a tiny cemetery, there are at least 14 different layers of graves. That seems like quite a crowd quietly resting there, but it must be the most peaceful place around. Maybe it was just due to the nice weather on the last day I visited it, but I quite liked that it didn’t have an eerie feel about it. It looks more like an overgrown garden. It’s a totally un-touristy place, a hidden gem not far from the centre.

You can get there from Zizkova street, the entrance leads through an old iron gate. It’s very likely you will be the only visitor there, which is great if you are into old cemeteries! A small chapel and some sort of maintenance shed, which both seem derelict, but it just adds to the charm of the place. You can sit there on a bench under twisted branches of old trees or walk around and inspect the names and sometimes old photographs of people buried there.

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Žižkova 32, Bratislava

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07:00 - 17:00 daily


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