Park Svoradova  Bratislava

Image by Pavel Šoral

Park Svoradova – A peaceful haven in the city

For me the cute little Park Svoradova, nestled within the ever-busy city center of Bratislava represents an embodied piece of serenity. Narrow trails, benches and greenery, it has it all as a contrast to stressful city life. The fact that Svoradova street is also very calm and rather unfrequented, enhances the overall atmosphere of an ideal place to chill out. And although Bratislava has a lot of parks, this one is special to me, being so tiny, though full-featured, it offers some kind of privacy.

The spirit of this place is also influenced by a sort of artistic background. Located in close vicinity to the Academy of Performing Arts and right behind Lab Theater, it’s not seldom that it has young aspiring artists hanging around or students (like myself) studying for tests while enjoying the surrounding peace and silence.

Lastly, that small stage in the corner calls for some action. Some kind of performance would be fitting, you say? You’re right! There were occasions when slam poetry gigs took place here and artists from the Czech/Slovak scene presented their unconventional way of poetry here. Though I believe the cultural potential of Park Svoradova is much bigger, usually it’s at almost utter standstill. But otherwise, the atmosphere of heaven-like serenity would be gone. Wouldn’t it?

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Svoradova, Bratislava

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24 hours daily
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