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Ahmed Khodeer (1985)

About me
I’m Khodeer, an Egyptian who lives in Cairo. I spend most of my money on eating and traveling.

I am so passionate about cultural exchange talks. I believe that I have many things about our culture to tell you, and I would be very willing to hear what you have to say about yours.

Why Cairo
Cairo might be one of the most crowded capitals in the world, but you can still find different tastes in it. It has a strange, paradoxical mixture: a mixture of old civilization and modernity, of crowdedness and calmness. Even the locals in Cairo have the same paradoxical mixture: even though they have tough lives to walk through, they’re still in a satisfied mood and have a welcoming smile on their faces for any visitor.

In Cairo, you cannot get lost, because everyone would love to help you find your destination.

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