Cairo Festival City Mall Cairo

Image by Ahmed Khodeer

Cairo Festival City Mall – The dancing fountain

Despite the saying according to which shopping malls are always crowded, noisy, and not one peaceful moment can be found in them, Cairo Festival City Mall (CFC) is slightly different.

Besides the normal brand shops that can be found there, what caught my attention was the open-air spot inside the mall. It actually changed my mood from “shopping” to “relaxed”.

The place is built in the shape of a theater, complete with stands. In front of the theater there is a beautiful artificial lake with a dancing fountain. They have a special show with international and local music that runs every 15 minutes. It is synchronized with the fountain, so you can sit at the stands and enjoy the dancing fountain and the music running in the background.

You may also enjoy the view in one of many restaurants surrounding the lake.

I usually visit Cairo Festival not for shopping, but for dining at night in one of the restaurants with a view to the dancing fountain.

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Cairo Festival City Mall, Cairo

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10:00 - 00:00 daily




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