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Image by Nicolai Chirnev

Chisinau at Night – Yes, you can

There are some rumors that there is no reason to walk in Chisinau when darkness falls, that Chisinau is poorly illuminated and the nightlife is just not-existent here.

Well, all these rumors are based on true facts, but it’s not so clear-cut.

Chisinau is still a nice area to walk at night, especially in the historical center. 
There are several reasons to not avoid walking in Chisinau:

Firstly, Chisinau, as all Moldova is considered as one of the safest destinations to travel. No need to worry that much about your safety.

Secondly, nights in Moldova are quite bright, so it shouldn’t be scary for you, even the areas without street lights.

Third, it is quite warm in this part of Europe and the temperature stays comfortable most time of the year. 

So if you are want to visit places when they are less crowded, if you like pictures of streets and buildings without cars and the people on them, night time is the best moment to go for a walk. 

I especially recommend the following spots: Boulevard Dacia, Alba-Iulia street, Moscow boulevard, Valea Morilor City Park and so on.

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