Soviet Mosaic Chisinau

Image by Nicolai Chirnev

Soviet Mosaic – On Negruzzi street

There is a big number of buildings in Chisinau that have some fabulous soviet mosaics on their walls. They can be a school, a hospital or an industrial facility. Behind those mosaics there is usually hidden a clear and romantic message. Most of them depicted communist achievements and everyday ”heroes” of the country – a teacher, for example, a doctor or an engineer. All of them were used to construct a new and progressive communist society. 

Moldova is a typical post-soviet country, where soviet times are considered the worst in our history by one part of the population, and the happiest by another. That is why soviet elements, like a mosaic, are perceived by the population differently. Most of today’s citizens are not even paying attention to them, but as soon as you, dear traveler, become interested in the history of Chisinau, the soviet mosaic will become a nice ”piece” of Moldovan past. 

The most impressive mosaic is on the building right next to the Cosmos Hotel. Starting in 1994, the whole wall used to be covered by a huge banner advertising a local bank. When several years ago they removed the banner to replace it with a new one, people were shocked to see again a colorful and beautiful soviet mosaic illustrating the rural life of Moldovans in the 1970s. Civil Society protested against covering the wall – and to this day, this gorgeous piece of art is still accessible to all guests of the Moldovan capital. 

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