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Got a Master's in International Development & Global Studies. I just love Copenh...

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On an abstract and broad caption, the Danish resistance during WW2, against the Nazi-German occupiers, has often been neglected and mocked for being vague and futile.

However, there was resistance and it did capture a lot of destinies and deaths of Danish patriots. These destinies and stories are exhibited, told, debated, and discussed in the Museum of Danish Resistance.

This museum can be tricky to detect, as approximately 90% of it is located in bunker-like facilities. I do not know if the position under the ground is a metaphor for anything. I do know that the museum is interesting and thought-provoking.

With a mix of artifacts, video projections, graphical installations, and sounds effects, the exhibition does indeed reach out to a broad audience, dealing with sensitive and complex matters in a very appropriate manner.

You can follow the destinies and stories of a handful of protagonists who lived and fought for the same cause during the progression of WW2. Some destinies, unfortunately, ended badly. What I particularly enjoy about the museum is its ability to discuss topics through its guided tours. One named “That which we do not speak of”, looking at the stories, anecdotes, and phenomena that can be slightly embarrassing and thus, untold and hidden. I will not reveal what that might be, you will have to see for yourself. Thereby, the museum wants to engage with its audience, and is intended for those interested in history told well.

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William from Copenhagen

William Nordmark Nielsen photo

Got a Master's in International Development & Global Studies. I just love Copenh...

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