Blessington Street Basin Dublin

Image by Alina Ecke

Blessington Street Basin – Hidden park

This tiny park in North Dublin side can be an absolutely surprising discovery to all urban citizens, as it was to myself while wandering around after a busy day. Do not mix up the Basin with the Blessington lake, which is located far in the south of the Dublin county.

This well hidden park around the former water reservoir has been around since the beginning of the 19th century and is located close to the Botanical gardens and the Royal Canal Bank. I was lucky enough to discover the gates to this park and could enjoy a short walk around the lake with swans, ducks and other Irish wildlife representatives.

This amazing little place has a relaxing atmosphere that made me feel far away from the busy city life. There are some cosy benches where my friends and I rest when we come here – discover them while walking around. And there are fairy houses on the trees and on the park walls built by kids (or adults) who believe in their powers.

On the stone near the entrance I read a short story about the water reservoir and then continued my journey in Dublin North by visiting the Botanical Gardens, the Glasnevin cemetery, the Royal Canal and other places. If you are around – do not forget to relax and watch birds that live on the park lake!

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