Forth Rail Bridge Edinburgh

Image by Mark Gorman

Forth Rail Bridge – Simply gobsmacking

If the Forth Rail Bridge was in the centre of the city it would be by far the biggest city attraction.  As it is, it lies a short rail (or bus) ride out of the centre and can be viewed from the small town of South Queensferry.

Take the train to Dalmeny and follow the signs to the bridge.  You’ll actually see it from the railway platform but save your breath for the big reveal from the promenade below. (That’s the view you see above.)

It’s a shapeshifting creature, chameleon-like in its rustic beauty, and responds to the prevailing weather conditions, sometimes in unpredictable ways.  Best seen after dark or on a sunny day, but even against grey skies it will knock your socks off.

It still does to me and I’ve lived here for 18 years.

Perhaps not surprisingly it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it’s still a working structure, taking trains north to Fife and beyond since 1890.  At the time of construction it was the longest single span cantilever bridge in the world. (It’s still the second longest.)

It’s official name is the Forth Bridge because there are two adjacent road bridges which each also have extraordinary engineering merit.  Indeed, take a walk out onto the Forth Road Bridge and you’ll be able to view all three in all their glory.  One each from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

It’s a photographer’s dream.

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