The Cactus House Edinburgh

Image by Sarah Mackenzie

The Cactus House – Henderson Row

This place is a little bit of an unofficial tourist spot – but one of my favourite little ‘hidden gems’ (and quirky little photo stops). Henderson Row in Edinburgh’s New Town is known for its grand Georgian houses, pristine and guarded by large stately pillars. A walk down this street offers a sense of the New Town’s splendours, with many of its conventional doorways being worthy of a photograph in their own right.

However, there’s one home on this street that stands out for all the right reasons: an entranceway adorned with flora and cacti. And, we’re not talking ‘plant shop chic’ decorations! On this impressive doorstep you’ll find lampshades bursting with succulents, an armchair adorned with colourful vegetation, troll dolls and bread bins bursting with prickly greenery and typewriters overgrown with wandering plants. I’ve still to meet the owners of this kooky creation, but their playful personalities can be read in the way that they have chosen to draw attention to their home.

Although you can’t go into the house itself (it’s a regular residential building after all), its unusual facade is worth the little 15-minute walk from the centre of town to. They say that there’s no better way to decorate your home or brighten someone’s day than with flowers. In this case, I couldn’t agree more!

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Henderson Row, Edinburgh

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