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Kristina Grancaric (1985)

About me
I am an international cocktail that loves good cocktails 🙂 I majored in work psychology to then become a community manager… life sometimes brings you where you should be. There, I found out my love for this city, food and helping the community live at its best, specializing meanwhile in marketing and branding. I have now opened up my own branding company and still love to talk about my city! I also have a jazz group “Jazz and Eggs” and sing my heart out whenever I can!

Why Florence
I love Florence for many reasons, let us count them:
1- Everything is almost within walking distance, max 20 minutes to go through the city center.
2- Every time you look at a view, it looks like a 3D postcard.
3- There are a lot, even too many, great restaurants and enoteche to go have a great meal or a glass of wine. It makes it hard to diet, but it is worth it!
4- In every road there is history. It is an open-air museum and every store has something to say.
5- It has great events and venues, like rooftop bars and gardens that are still a little hidden!

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