Casa del Popolo di Settignano Florence

Image by Laura Scala

Casa del Popolo di Settignano – A genuine place

The Casa del Popolo is a typical Italian place linked to the socialist political party. Some years ago you could find a lot of them around Italy. They were the place were people went to talk, discuss, and argue about politics. Then the world changed and now there aren’t a lot left.

They have become a place were old people only go to play bingo. But some of them are still frequented both by young and old people. The Casa del Popolo is one of them. It is close to Firenze, in the hill in Settignano (10 minutes by bus from Florence). It was the temple of the new wave music in the ’80s.

It is a magical place, a real friendly and genuine place where you don’t feel the difference between the old and young. It seems that everybody is your friend here. You can go there to watch a movie, play cards, listen to a concert, have a dinner cooked by somebody who was simply asked to cook, or just have a drink and talk with somebody you have just met.

During the summer, all events are planned for the wonderful back terrace. You’ll feel like you are in another time, back in the ’70s!

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Details about this spot



Via di San Romano 1, Florence

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Sat 14:30 - 00:00, Sun 09:30 - 13:00 &15:00 - 00:00


Dinner: € 15


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