Friedberger Markt Frankfurt

Image by Christian Paulus

Friedberger Markt – The single & friendship market

On warm and sunny Fridays (!) the “Friedi”, as the “Friedberger Markt” is called by its weekly visitors, is probably the biggest after-work open-air event in town.

From May to September it’s high season and so many people from all corners of Frankfurt are gathering there to celebrate the weekend that it’s really difficult to find a free spot on the grass in front of the market stands.

A typical Friedi must-taste is a glass (or more) of the “Riesling” white wine. Locally produced meat, fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide selection of cheese are a good combination to feast on while meeting old friends or making new ones. Due to grumpy neighbours’ complaints, the market closes at 21:00, and at 22:00 visitors are politely prompted to move to other places: just follow the crowd, as the coolest “after Friedi” party venue changes over time.

During fall and winter the “Friedi” population shrinks to a minimum of neighbours who live around the corner, but the market itself doesn’t lose its charm! If the offered food and drink was not enough, the restaurant “Eckhaus” is just around the corner.

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Friedberger Platz, Frankfurt

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Fri 09:00 - 22:00



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