1889 Border Hamburg

Image by Inga Marie Ramcke

1889 Border – Where Hamburg & Altona used to meet

On the picture you can see the border between Altona and Hamburg from 1889. They used to be two cities till 1938, and Altona was once Danish. I like the fact that there are several indicators in the streets of Hamburg which show you historical borders. But hey, I am very interested in history as such. Maybe you are not…

Anyways, you can go to the street Schulterblatt and check out the pavement in front of the bar “Die Katze”. Like me you’ll be able to stand with one foot in former Denmark and with the other in old Germany. Not even 200 years ago you’d be asked to provide your passport if you crossed the street for a drink.

To be honest: maybe the drinks wouldn’t have been as plenty as they are now at Schulterblatt, ’cause the street is packed with bars and cafés and there are many Portuguese cafés around.

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Schulterblatt, Hamburg

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24 hours daily


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