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Radio is always present when you are visiting a city. It is playing in the background somewhere: in a taxi, in a snack bar or in an actual bar when the owners are lazy. It’s mostly terrible, but I like to hear the foreign language of the presenter to get a vibe of the country / city I am in. But the music almost always sucks. So, you end up listening to the same playlists you listen to when you are at home. Not in Hamburg. Try out an awesome local radio station while you are here.

There is a fine crowd of music journalists and lovers sitting in an old bunker in St. Pauli and they have sworn a holy oath to only play GOOD MUSIC. No international pop hit wonders here. Instead, diligently curated alternative pop, rock or techno songs; new albums, old hits, songs you have not heard for years or songs you have never heard before. And why not listen to a German presenter for a few moments, if he is talking about WILCO or DJ KOZE?

ByteFM is the station with arguably the single best techno show on German radio (“Electro Royal”, Sat 20:00 – 22:00) and a great way to start your evening.

ByteFM is a webradio. To listen, you can download their FREE APP. Or you tune in to the 91.7 XFM Radio station (FM 91.7). They have reserved a time slot between 19:00 and 22:00 to play the live Broadcast of ByteFM.

(Photo: Sunflower Bean (NYC) visiting the studio)

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Feldstraße 66, Hamburg

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24 hours daily




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