Das Ohr Zuhör-Kiosk Hamburg

Image by Sebastiana Turra

Das Ohr Zuhör-Kiosk – Time for encounters

When you think of a kiosk that is located at a subway stop, you most probably think of your coffee-to-go in the morning, an unhealthy snack after a party when all other stores are closed, or buying some bottles of beer on your way to a barbecue.

This kiosk, however, doesn’t offer any of this. Instead, it offers something mostly every one of us is desperately missing – time for encounters. The kiosk, which is located at the platform of the subway stop Emilienstraße, calls itself “Das Ohr Zuhör-Kiosk” (the ear listening-kiosk). At this place, a group of people around the founder Christoph Busch will listen to your stories – funny anecdotes, love or adventurous stories, but also stories about unhappiness, despair or sorrow. Their goal is the human encounter without judgment or without the aim to replace a therapist. And even more impressive – the team does not even expect anything in return.

To me, this is a really important and inspiring project to connect people and fight against anonymity in society.

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Emilienstraße 78, Hamburg

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Mon - Tue 12:00 - 20:00, Wed - Fri 15:00 - 18:00




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